Tuesday, 1 September 2015

I think the topic that I've been reflecting on the most the past few weeks is repentance, I've taught it many times and I've been speaking to people about it, the church is also releasing some videos called "12 steps to change" today talking about 12 peoples personal experiences with overcoming addiction and there was one powerful powerful video which is Step 1, which says a quote:
"because of the love and grace of the savior, you do not have to be what you have been." I have come to love repentance and I used to think that it was always a bad thing to do, he wants to make us become what we want to become.. We can draw on the powers of heaven to change, if we rely on him.. We don't even need to do something bad to apply repentance to our life or the effects that repentance has.. We can become the best selves that we can be, we can improve constantly for the better, we can ask for our problems to be removed, we can ask for our weaknesses to be changed and I have seen that so much especially this past week. I was never the best at finding people on the street, I would do it, but I was never the best.. even whilst knocking, I will admit, I struggled.. But we went on exchange with the AP's this weekend and I was doing both knocking and street contacted with one of them and I just flowed.. I had improved in that very moment, I don't know what I did differently, I don't know how.. But I know that I changed the way I was finding, I know something had changed within me, I remember praying that night and asking for my finding to be as it was that one day.. Ever since it has been better than ever, I have been a good finder and I know that's because of the strength and promises that the savior has given to us.
I have found as well that I have no problem writing down my faults on to paper as well, I found it very hard to find what I was good at, I tried to think so hard at what I was good at, but realized that I always have more in my faults than I do in my strengths, it's always so easy to find our faults, but as I repent of them faults, as I say to my God, I'm sorry for not doing this today, or I'm sorry for not talking to everyone, I'm sorry for being irritated and repenting of them things and then asking for strength to overcome them faults, I have found strength, it's easier to move past them, God had removed them short comings which were stopping me from becoming the best missionary I can be.

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