Monday, 21 September 2015

Elder Jackson and Elder Mattu

This will be a short one from me because it was transfer week but...
Yesterday we had an amazing miracle, whilst walking down the street we hear "are you God's people?" It was a guy who's life was running in to the ground and he said that he felt someone was different about us, he was attracted to us spiritually, he felt like we had what he needed. He was a man who was planning to commit suicide and he happened to come in to our path and we are able to teach him about faith and the atonement on a park bench, he's meeting with us this evening. It's not by chance that these people come in to our paths and I think it's incredible that I'm able to emanate the light of Christ to the point that people can approach me when they long for hope !

My new companion is called Elder Mattu. He's from Coventry and I'm so glad I am able to train him..he's an awesome guy, I've never seen anyone with so much faith ! 

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