Monday, 7 September 2015

It's been a great week for Elder Dobbs and I . We had 3 people at church with us . We found a couple of new people to teach, we've scheduled another of our investigators but we also got rained on a lot too! 

Yesterday we were knocking and a guy came to the door and spoke to us, he rejected us, (obviously..other wise this story wouldn't be so funny )but then the door to his living room closed super hard and crushed his fingers.. moral of the story, don't reject God! haha

I was thinking this week about the heart.. The heart is always the most important thing to have in the right place, if the heart isn't in the right place we will not be focusing on God and the blessings which he gives us. In the scriptures it's always when people harden their HEART when they cannot see God's influence in their lives and which stops them from progressing, it's the same in missionary work.. If we're not focusing on God and all that he's doing and done for us, we will eventually be relying on ourselves and put him aside, we won't get the blessings he has to offer because we won't be willing to open up to them. So I'm always striving to keep my heart in the work and those whom I'm privileged to be working with!:)

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