Monday, 12 October 2015

This week Elder Mattu and I were street contacting and we see a girl with pink hair walk past, who we stop of course, we had just an awesome conversation about her hair and her tattoos and we just had a fun conversation for like 25 minutes, she had to run because she was late to meet her friends for the Hull fair, but she told us we could go over the next afternoon, so we did. There were three of them there that day and we started by having a down to earth conversation about life, movies, music and we just had a good conversation, to when it transitioned in to what we do, with them asking the question, no effort of our own, we testified of God and the cleansing effect he has on our life, spoke of personal experiences, conversion stories, this that and the other and how we're really just normal teenagers, but with one difference.. our religion.. None of them flinched an eye-lid through the whole conversation and they want us to come over and teach the more of what we believe.. It really just shows that we are normal people, we're interesting people who have actual lives too, but not many people know how the gospel can change us ..I love how even though we're normal people, we can bring incredible things to pass!

Monday, 5 October 2015

Elder Jackson cleaning the toilet.
The joys of being a missionary....

I just had an incredible week, we found 2 new people to teach, Our investigator came to conference at the chapel and our other investigators watched it at their home..
I thought conference was amazing...The gospel is wonderful and I want to know all the answers, but these things take a long time to understand.. Sometimes when we teach people, it always seems to go into deep doctrine.. But I really do appreciate the fundamentals of the Gospel, having a testimony of a living Prophet, Joseph Smith as the prophet of the restoration and now Thomas S. Monson, knowing
the Book of mormon to be the word of God and that I have been able to receive that answer for myself.
The most significant thing from conference that I've figured out on my mission was when I learnt for myself that repentance is even for saints, not only sinners.. We all need the atonement, we need to apply it 24/7, without the Atonement, we would all be nothing.
I love these Quotes from conference ....

"Something changes within us as we testify of the restoration of the gospel. He will go before us, on our right hand and on our left, his spirits in our hearts and his angels round about to bear us up . "

"Sometimes it is not comfortable to stand up for Christ . But we need to stand up and testify with power and without hesitation. "

There has been a renewed energy in our area this week. We have an increased teaching pool. My district all had an incredible week, the best I've seen in a district my entire mission! I have zero complaints!:)