Monday, 27 July 2015

Before the soaking 
After the soaking

Yes it's England's been wet this week.
Nothing else to say :D

Monday, 20 July 2015

This week for us was long..
But good!

We taught 10 lessons, with 8 members present which was super good! It's crazy how much it makes a difference bringing a member with us! Their testimonies are always so much different because they have more experiences in many different aspects!
We also had 29 hours of finding! It was a very long week in that aspect!
We were very diligent and I feel as if that was the lesson that I had to learn.. To keep pushing! 
We literally tried to speak to everyone, I could probably count on 1 hand the amount of people who we let pass, but we didn't reap much from our many conversations! We generally pushed that hardest that we'd ever pushed and we didn't get much at all, it was rough but it's something that made me realize that I will now be able to do more often because I was able to do it all of last week!:)

It was a really great week though, not too much interesting other than that really, but it was still fun! 

Monday, 13 July 2015

This week I've been focusing my studies on Preach my Gospel a whole lot more than I ever have done before; I was going through from the front cover and I'm working my way through to the back and really focusing on what's being said and what I can take and apply from it! 
I was looking through chapter 1: Our purpose and just thinking about Obedience vs Disobedience, I decided to base my district meeting off of it and I learned so much through that study and asking for revelation whilst studying it!
One of the thoughts I had was this:
We give up so many things as missionaries, we miss out on worldly opportunities while we give 2 years of our life to others and to the Lord, we make sacrifices, we do all of this to live by strict rules, for instance, I cannot play football every day, I cannot walk my dog in the forest for hours on end, I can't go for drives by myself, I can't be by myself, I can't go swimming, I can't hang out with my friend for the fun of it, I can't watch any movie I please or even go to the cinema.. It's the small things which are the hardest, but I wouldn't have it any other way.. The way I feel every single day and the way I see people progress, I wouldn't replace to be able to do them things again.. I cannot comprehend how much I've grown as a person and as a missionary, I feel my saviours love, I feel the love of God always and I know that through my obedience he will bless me! This gospel is one of those things which I will always do, the blessings which we receive every single day I just cannot begin to comprehend!
What I also learnt was that even through slight disobedience, it throws off the whole day, it blows up missionary work in your face.. Everything which you have accomplished and gained can be demolished by disobedience and is hard to rebuild.. So I constantly ask myself.. What am I willing to sacrifice to be successful? 
I'm willing to give up all of them things which I miss if it results in me coming closer to perfection, I'm willing to give up what I am for what I can become!

It's something which at the time just seemed like a really great study, but it can apply to me throughout my whole life, it can impact me in ways that I can be obedient after my mission to the church and the commandments, to work and to many other things!:)