Monday, 29 June 2015

This week was super good too, we were able to teach 13 investigator lessons and 5 of which were with a member present! It's been great recently to have members come along with us to teach, especially because they can be a lot more interactive when it comes to kids! We taught 21 lessons total though this week, it was a busy one, but a great one!

I wanted to share a few of my Favorite mormon messages with you...these are my top 5 and if you haven't watched them I'd suggest them all:
1) The refiners fire
2) The hope of God's light
3) Mountains to climb
4) Earthly Father, Heavenly Father
5) Origin

They're all such good messages, I love them!!

This week as well I've been focusing on the Christlike attributes and really focusing on going in depth with them in my studies and I would suggest them for everyone too, as you study them it's really a humbling experience, I feel that with just the past 3 days of studying them I've changed so much as a person, I can definitely see how my charity and love has improves, my knowledge too, I would especially suggest studying knowledge, it really hit me hard when I went in depth with the scriptures related and the messages which I noticed when studying them!

This past week the weather has been great..I've looked forward to being able to walk about in my short sleeves! :D

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Transfer calls last night! These past 6 weeks went SO FAST! It was crazy how fast it came around! Unfortunately Elder Narine will be leaving me. My new companion will join me tomorrow. He's been out for 4 1/2 months. He's called Elder Dobbs but that all I know about him. I'm ready for the new transfer And I'm excited to work with a new companion!:)

This week went really fast too, we had an incredible week! The best part was definitely Sunday; We had 3 investigators at Church, 4 Less-Active members and now 2 of the LA's that we were working with are fully active again! It was so great! We taught a total of 15 lessons, got 2 new investigators and the 2 people we have for baptism are still looking very promising! A miraculous week for sure!

One thing that I was looking at this week was "The Fishers of Men" parable! I think it's so significant, especially in missionary work! Follow me and I will make you LEADERS of men.. But that means to keep the commandments. Christ has promised us in D&C 84:88 that he will be in front of our faces, on our right and on our lefts and his angels will bear us up, to those who accept us. We can only do this as we're obedient to his commandments and as we push ourselves!
Eric Thomas gives the quote - "You will only be successful in life until you want success as bad as you want to breathe" "You need to be able at ANY moment to give up what you are, for what you will become!" Our investigators come to mind with that last one, people give up so much to keep the commandments, but as they do, and as we do, his spirit, his strength will be with us, to give us that breath that we need to be successful or to give us that strength that we need when we're going through difficulties so that we can overcome any obstacle, that we can climb any hurdle that life throws at us.

Also you can see from the picture we got our iPads this week....sweet :) 

Monday, 15 June 2015

My companion Elder Narine and I working on our service this past week :) 

We are excited as we are getting iPads this week and have two scheduled baptisms in the next few weeks. :) life is all good in Hull ! 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

I really enjoyed being able to watch the special multi stake conference this week.  Elder Holland is SO GOOD! I was so fixed on the screen! I always am when he talks though, he's such a good speaker it's unreal! I was writing and heard what he said and thought " OH MY GOODNESS!! " His conviction of the Book of Mormon was incredibly powerful ! There has been a whole focus on the Prophet Joseph Smith and the Book
of Mormon recently it seems for me though, but my testimony on it all
has increased tremendously! It's so wonderful! I find that testifying
about it on the street isn't even scary any more! I'm always prepared
to stand up for the Prophet when he is talked bad about, I have no
doubt at all that he was a Prophet and I'm willing to share that with
the whole world ! 

Monday, 1 June 2015

A week of endurance

The week started off very slow, which at the time wasn't very fun,
especially as it turns out I got sick that week too, but as we endured
and worked, we were able to gain the lessons which we had hoped to
get. We got 8 lessons in the last few days of the week, because we
endured the week despite illness and heavy rain!

We've also been able to see our investigators who were heavy drinkers cut down a very big amount of alcohol, to the extent that they've been sober the past 2 times that
we've gone over there! They've told us that they've wanted to change
their life and they're starting to do that themselves. One of our
investigators sometimes invites us over to simply say a prayer for her
because of the difference that it makes in her home that day, which is
most definitely because of the spirit that we can take to her in here
home, which is amazing to see!

I've also been thinking about the song "I believe in Christ" the past
few days, so I played it on my iPod this morning and I also found some
cards with pictures of the Saviour and writings on the back of them,
listening to that music whilst reading about the Saviour really
brought the spirit to my attention, it's incredible how powerful
writings on the Saviour can be, I will never deny that Christ is the

son of the living God. I love the spirit that we are able to feel and
the powerful convictions that we have!