Monday, 1 June 2015

A week of endurance

The week started off very slow, which at the time wasn't very fun,
especially as it turns out I got sick that week too, but as we endured
and worked, we were able to gain the lessons which we had hoped to
get. We got 8 lessons in the last few days of the week, because we
endured the week despite illness and heavy rain!

We've also been able to see our investigators who were heavy drinkers cut down a very big amount of alcohol, to the extent that they've been sober the past 2 times that
we've gone over there! They've told us that they've wanted to change
their life and they're starting to do that themselves. One of our
investigators sometimes invites us over to simply say a prayer for her
because of the difference that it makes in her home that day, which is
most definitely because of the spirit that we can take to her in here
home, which is amazing to see!

I've also been thinking about the song "I believe in Christ" the past
few days, so I played it on my iPod this morning and I also found some
cards with pictures of the Saviour and writings on the back of them,
listening to that music whilst reading about the Saviour really
brought the spirit to my attention, it's incredible how powerful
writings on the Saviour can be, I will never deny that Christ is the

son of the living God. I love the spirit that we are able to feel and
the powerful convictions that we have!

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