Tuesday, 26 May 2015

 We had our Stake conference this weekend! It was really good, interesting but good! The choir was super though, there's always such an incredible experience when there is music playing.. I love how it invites the spirit so well!:) I have developed such a passion and love for the piano on my mission though; Piano instrumentals are the greatest thing that I could listen to on my iPod! I love it so much!

Our week was really good though! We taught 10 Investigator lessons!:) It's been really great teaching, it's also been great to see our investigators make progressions! I love how the spirit can touch people's lives and help them to make the changes needed to bless them. 

But other than having a good week investigator wise, we had a great week fun 
wise! We saw a drug bust, had a ton of girls wave at us, the usual ;)

 Not much else really, but it was a really great week!:D

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