Monday, 29 June 2015

This week was super good too, we were able to teach 13 investigator lessons and 5 of which were with a member present! It's been great recently to have members come along with us to teach, especially because they can be a lot more interactive when it comes to kids! We taught 21 lessons total though this week, it was a busy one, but a great one!

I wanted to share a few of my Favorite mormon messages with you...these are my top 5 and if you haven't watched them I'd suggest them all:
1) The refiners fire
2) The hope of God's light
3) Mountains to climb
4) Earthly Father, Heavenly Father
5) Origin

They're all such good messages, I love them!!

This week as well I've been focusing on the Christlike attributes and really focusing on going in depth with them in my studies and I would suggest them for everyone too, as you study them it's really a humbling experience, I feel that with just the past 3 days of studying them I've changed so much as a person, I can definitely see how my charity and love has improves, my knowledge too, I would especially suggest studying knowledge, it really hit me hard when I went in depth with the scriptures related and the messages which I noticed when studying them!

This past week the weather has been great..I've looked forward to being able to walk about in my short sleeves! :D

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