Monday, 23 November 2015

Snow in Hull

We had zone conference last week. The thing I took from Zone conference was definitely being patient and finding the good in people. Sometimes we'll be walking down the street and receive verbal abuse or when we approach someone they will just be completely disrespectful and mean, so I want to learn to just take it on the chin and not get aggravated or offended by it and just learn to develop that charity towards these people.

I also took in to deep consideration the relationships with my companion, district and the zone in general and want to develop that love for those whom I'm able to serve and be a true leader, to notice the opportunity and privilege I have to be able to support and encourage those beside me, to help walk beside them and love them throughout this journey of missionary work.
I really enjoyed zone conference and took many things from it, but them two were definitely the highlights from it. I was glad that we made sure to practice the lessons too because president was very close to choosing us at one point, I've learnt a lot just from preparing for zone conference and staying attentive and hope that I can maintain the goals which I have set for myself to develop charity and a love for those around me that will be uplifting and edifying.

This past week was fun...We worked in the snow for two days, it was freezing
cold and my face got frozen! It was very difficult especially because nobody was in their homes or on the street and those who were just weren't interested in what we had to say.. But we pressed on and found an investigator for the first time in 3 weeks. :) 

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