Monday, 2 November 2015

Hi guys ...sorry I haven't updated for a few week. It's been a tough time. I hurt my shoulder and been in a lot of pain. I went to the hospital and they said the best thing for me to do is take lots of pain medicine. So that's what I've been doing . I'm just trying to build up strength in that arm again.
Our week wasn't very busy but it was still good. ...we've found it really hard to find and keep our investigators. Everyone we have scheduled for baptism has not progressed that far and have fallen away. We find a lot of potentials but no one we can frequently teach or who can come to church so it's been hard to stay diligent and positive, but we are pressing on! This week there was a lot of walking and talking to people...we've been doing super super well with that! I can honestly say there were only about 7 people that we missed. It always feels good to know that we can say we did all we could and not have success rather than not doing anything and getting no success..we know if we are
diligent the Lord will bless us:). In the pictures there is an owl..have a look at the Mormon message "rescued by Christ "
With Halloween last week we had to return to our flats by 6 pm so we decided to pamper ourselves for a change. :D it was a lot of fun ! 

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