Monday, 11 January 2016

I had to give a talk yesterday at church on receiving inspiration and revelation.. I think that I definitely like going fast in life.. I want to be the fastest of my friends in running, I want to just go on a road with no speed limit and just go as fast as I can, I love music that is fast paced and my favourite animal is a Cheetah, which explains it all.. But I think when we go through the motions of life we start to lose track of our speed, we start losing concentration and we can become disorientated.. But I've found that whenever I need to get somewhere or when I'm really in a hurry everything slows me down.. Especially red lights. I hate them, but they help me to appreciate what I have around me.. Back home it was normally tractors, but they helped me appreciate my love of forests more.. It helped me to see what I was missing.. That's the same with life and the gospel, we start losing track of the beauty we have around us, we forget to pray, read or even go to church.. We forget that we promise to remember Christ, we forget all that we've promised.. But as we take time to apply the gospel, as we "SLOW DOWN" that's when our benefits will come. :)

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