Monday, 20 July 2015

This week for us was long..
But good!

We taught 10 lessons, with 8 members present which was super good! It's crazy how much it makes a difference bringing a member with us! Their testimonies are always so much different because they have more experiences in many different aspects!
We also had 29 hours of finding! It was a very long week in that aspect!
We were very diligent and I feel as if that was the lesson that I had to learn.. To keep pushing! 
We literally tried to speak to everyone, I could probably count on 1 hand the amount of people who we let pass, but we didn't reap much from our many conversations! We generally pushed that hardest that we'd ever pushed and we didn't get much at all, it was rough but it's something that made me realize that I will now be able to do more often because I was able to do it all of last week!:)

It was a really great week though, not too much interesting other than that really, but it was still fun! 

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